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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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earlier on in the show, we asked you to weigh in on our street fight and decide if the bear or bull won. we tallied the result and you said pete made the better case. >> he has a million followers on twitter. >> that's right. just saying. >> he is also not wearing a table cloth on his shirt. nice shirt, steve. >> hungry for some chicken. >> it's time for the final trade. let's go around the horn. tim? >> buyer of baidu. >> google on dips. >> karen? >> i like wellpoint, even right here. >> and pete? >> we talked about amgen earlier, i think that name is going a lot higher. >> fantastic. thank you all for watching. i'm mandy drury sitting in for melissa lee. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now.
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go out of business. he's nuts! they're nuts. they know nothing. i like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money" you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to save you money. my job is not just the entertain, but teen how you think things can happen. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. look, we learned something vital about the stock market this very morning. something we have to remember always. even as ultimately the averages got completely pole axed by the end of the day. the dow sinking 268 points. the s&p giving up 1.83%. and nasdaq declining, it was the worst day around here in three months. but what did we learn about this morning? because that's what i want to focus on. well, we learned there's always a better time to sell than into the teeth of a sell-off.
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like the sell-off we had last week or the one we had toward the closing bell. when the dow fell an astounding 150 points on almost no volume of the hour of the market. last week we had a two-day affair that took my breath away. every bit as grim as the one that settled in at the end of the session. it's the misreading of the federal reserve minutes, that the federal reserve is about to titan that will rock the consumer. that sequestration and the higher gas prices and the payroll tax, enough of a pain to deliver real hope. no matter that the fed minutes were a month old and the world changes quickly and ben bernanke changes quickly with them. it was about done to keep the rates low. through that bond buying program. it was the opposite. but the next day was no better with the series of bears coming on networks shouting get out now
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to anyone who would listen. given that we have plenty of international worries which seem to accelerate last week, including new found weakness in china, the sell everything now call selled prophetic. especially some who articulated said they were articulate and it felt right. right into the teeth of the ugliness the market continued to soar and it continued into the beautiful opening where the dow was 80 points higher. some 200 points, keep that in mind above where the sales calls were made last week. it was a much better chance to sell. even though it came and went, it gave you a loud, large opportunity to get higher prices on the go out. if you wanted to take some profits and cash out for the mome moment. that's something i said i can't blame anyone for doing last week. if they're as nervous as some of you said you were in the calls to the show. we got a bunch of them.
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sure, that's not what matters. what matters is that if you truly thought that the market was too high to begin with or you were worried about italy or sequestration or gasoline prices or weakened china, you could have sold stocks had you waited for thursday's selling to subside. does it really matter? yes, it does for several reasons. first, a reminder that nobody ever made a dime from panicking. the reasons why the market was getting hit diminished rather rapidly. hey, look the same thing could ham tomorrow afternoon bernanke speaks or to stem the late-day s selling into the closing bell. you don't take action to sell into the teeth of a sell-off. second, one of the reasons that the market continues to send people to the wrong signals is there are so many traders dominating the action. the action. it's worthwhile to suddenly go into all cash because somebody said it makes sense for him may
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not be right for you, but it breeds a classic buy high, sell low mentality to keep you from thinking that stocks are anything but a mug's game. how much better would it be to wait to sell, when this was no panic. instead, initially european inspired euphoria to sell into. how much better would it have been to take advantage of the down turn last week and buy buy buy some stocks that are immune to the noise. like colgate, conagra, and then proceeded to run incredibly right after the sell-off abated. if macy's had a one-day sale of martha stewart's merchandise, you run from macy's because someone said that stewart's merchandise is wrong here? if that's your plan, you don't need me. you need a professional shopper. put that shopper to work in the market tanks after bernanke
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talks tomorrow. you can say the better window to buy into like at the end of the day. well, i'll tell you a story. because two years after i started the experiment that is the, which i still write for every day i was particular particularly nervous because the fed said it didn't see any need to cut rates. i don't write the headlines but i headed one that said get out now. not unlike what we heard last night. it was emotional. it was all about the need to feel better, seemed right. because hey, the market was going down. boy, did i feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders when i sent that article in. sure enough, the markets started rising almost from the moment i wrote get out now. like last thursday. it turns of thut the fed was calling an emergency meeting to cut rates. it felt the need to talk about
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the system. they heard, they saw, they did react. my article was wrong. this is a hedge fund, after karen cramer said to get her a soft pretzel and diet coke, she reversed my sales and put on longs to take advantage of a very big dip. by the time i got back, she was reading the catalog, and reminded me that nobody made a dime panicking and saying we'll get a much better chance to sell later. she wasn't crazy about the market. she wanted to buy at a good price and sell at a better price. she had actually borrowed a huge amount of money on margin. called margin to get very long. meaning to buy lots more stock than we had the cash to pay for. we had to borrow money from the broker. she peeled off the margin stock and then made up for the stocks that felt right and in fact were wrong and bad at that moment. well, this was an incredibly painful lesson for me. it was the time stamped mistake
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that was somewhere to the error i saw many people making into the teeth of the selling on thursday. i was gratified that she didn't make me wear the post it. that's cramer speak for having to put a post it note on your forehead with the stock symbols of what you got wrong and then walking around 100 wall street, the big building where our office was at that time. yeah, taking ilt outside for th post it. maximum humiliation. so in retrospect, of course the appropriateness of the tens of thousands of readers mocked me for making that just get out now call. it was foolish based on the concept it felt good and hey, listen, i don't like the market and in a rally i want to unload stuff. now, this down could continue if ben bernanke says the wrong
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things tomorrow on the hill. plus, sequestration woes will scare people into selling their stocks. you can count on the politicians to scare the heck out of us and it's just pathetic. keep in mind, it might be another two-day selling affair and the same rules apply. selling into this panic to me seems as wrong headed as selling into last week's panic. i would now wait until the pull back subsides. you get another move to unload some stock in order to cut your exposure. again if you're concerned of the litany of woes upon us. the bottom line is clear here. you can be spared the wearing of the post it on your forehead as i was. you have to own the fact if you're negative, even if you feel the need to shout the go into cash call, the equivalent of get out now, there's a time to sell than get in panic.
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you only need to learn from my egreegs you mistake because the reason to sell as i felt in october is not as i felt now. wait until the emotion dies down and then do some selling. who know, maybe you can buy back who you sold high at a lower price into weakness tomorrow morning. sure wouldn't shock me with the new found volatility playing havoc as it hasn't since november of last year. let's go to jim in florida. jim? >> caller: crazy horse in florida, boo-yah to you, jim. we need a spot for you on mount rushmore. >> okay. it's jammed up there, but that's okay. north by northwest. >> caller: with the housing market, i'm looking positive on it. i want to get a couple of housing stocks in my portfolio. i'm looking at mas or hb -- >> let's understand the housing stocks have declined 8%. masco said good things when
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reported and it's come back down. lowe's said good things about kitchen and i think it's right. i think the market seems to think that housing is done. i think the housing -- whole housing turn is in the early innings and it's way too early t to leave. i like your idea of masco. it sounds right to me. that's no better time to sell than in the panic we got in the last hour or on thursday. don't -- please don't sell because it feels right. i'll spare you the post it if you do it. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- stocks of the future. the winners of today aren't always the chosen ones of tomorrow. don't let your portfolio get stuck in the past. that's a new class of companies that have caught the eye of the next generation that could propel their stocks to new heights. cramer reveals the names next. and later, fuel fight.
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10, 20, 30, gas prices are up more than 40 cents in the past month. what's behind the rise? and is there a stock that can help relieve your pump pain? you won't want to miss what cramer has to say. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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well, everybody is fretting about the looming budget sequester, not to mention the fate of the consumer in the post payroll holiday and sky high gasoline world. it's my job to remind you that some companies with -- are having terrific sales here.
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that means they can buck the trend even if worst is happening. the reason? i'm calling it the f. scott fitzgerald factor. companies that thrive on the rich are be in any environment. they won't pull in their horns, just because of higher gasoline prices or even higher tax rates and we have to monitor the behavior. that's why tonight i wanted to introduce a new index of stocks that "mad money" has created. an index designed to measure the strength of the high end aspirational consumer. and in honor of fitzgerald we are calling it the gatsby index. if you read "the great gatsby" in high school or after, then you know that what we're talking about here is famed wealth as much as real wealth. but here on "mad money" we don't care about new money or old money. mind you, before we delve into the newly created gatsby index we aren't recommending the stocks. we are simply using them to track the behavior of the rich and the drivers out there to measure how much buying power
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they have. so who belongs to the gatsby index? tonight we're rolling this out in two piece. we start with the high end retailers and then after the break we'll talk about the gattsy food plays. we have ralph lauren, michael kors and lulu. i dropped money there for a yoga mat. nordstrom's, a high end department store, i love mine at the short hills mall if they saw one, said they saw no sign of the deteriorating consumer. there's nothing at this point that would suggest any change in our customer's behavior, even as when i read the commentary about the call it said that there was a radical change. that was inaccurate. see, fitzgerald was right. the right are really different.
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at a time when other retailers a are faltering, nordstrom had same-store sales up 6% for the quarter. and nordstrom's is thriving here because it know thousands harness the fitzgerald factor. this is a company that understands customer service west egg style which is a very important differential to high end. the rich are different and they expect to be treat differently too. plus, nordstrom is a well-run business. it has 230 storess across the united states and it has a cheaper nortd strom outlet and they have a fabulous brand. nordstrom's brand of shirts and pants that everybody really does seem to like very much. their private label. right now the company is investing heavily in expanding to canada. they plan to go -- build many more nordstrom rack locations. here they come, steve tanker with 24 openings expected this
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year. they intend to roll out the first store in new york city. that's not for a while now. but more important they're spending big on the nordstrom website. nordstrom's is moving aggressively into mobile. last year, mobile accounted for a fifth of the total sales and it grew at a 31% clip last quarter. it can help the stock to continue to power higher in a world where everyone gets 3 and 4-g. the next gatsby component, how about ralph lauren -- maybe this isn't the best example. this is the premiere high end apparel brand. nothing says preppy like polo. they earned 240 a share. these companies are doing better even if their stocks aren't. and it gave very healthy guidance for 2013. this is what happens when you have a brand that's perceived to be on the high end of things. the money flows in because people cannot resist a little
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bit of conspeck shouse consumption. look at coach. they're a dog because they're widely perceived as having fallen behind on the style curve with the merchandise. i don't think ralph lauren will fall prey because they have staying power and they have some great merchants and designers. ralph lauren is a master of the demands so there's chaps at the lower tier, polo in the middle, black label and purple label at the ultra high end. like nordstrom's, they're capturing the power of mobile devices. last month, it was up a whopping 5% year over year. after all who doesn't want to be buy things straight from their what smartphone or tablet? it's the ultimate shopping experience for the have's. next up, lulu lemons. a retail their caters to people who can afford $100 for
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anti-stink pants. when you wear their clothes it puts you in a rarefied category. they laid out why the growth is far from over at the recent conference. right now lulu has only 130 stores in the u.s. they can double it to 250 locations and i think that's a low ball estimate. we know that lulu lemon is doing well right now because they're hiring a lot of people. this stock has pulled more than 14 points from the high. but if the rich keep shopping there and the market turns, lulu will probably turn with it. courtesy of the f. scott fitzgerald effect. last but not least, we have michael kors. kors is a high-end making of accessories, especially handbags. unlike coach, they're seeing remarkable strength right now. they do make a product that people are willing to pay extra for. now, kors just reported back on february 12th and they blew away the numbers, we're talking about
6:23 pm
a 23 cent earning beat off a 41 cent basis with a much better than expected revenues that soared 70% year over year. they're not seeing mark downs. their customer base is responding better to their products. michael kors has 297 retail location, they increased the store count by 30% last year. ever since the quarter -- ever since -- every single quarter since kors became public they're able to achieve sales growth of at least an astounding 35%. no one has this growth. this great growth and gross margins are going higher. kors has become the new face of luxury in this market. that's not necessarily something you can quantify very easy, but even though it's two or three -- i still think you can bank on it to drive the stock price higher when the market gets better. kors has been crushed of late though. last week there was a secondary
6:24 pm
offering from kors himself, which was announced when the stock was trading a little below 65, but priced at $61.50 that's weighing on the stock like a handbag it will of lead ever since. it's trying to find the footing. as all the stock is digested and i bet it will go higher because the earnings were the best of the group. fitzgerald was right at a time when we hear about the customers -- the consumers are being squeezed by higher gas prices or higher income taxes for the wealthy the companies that cater to the truly rich, maybe they want to seem more rich and they're hanging in there much better than you think, hence the gatsby index. nordstrom's, ralph lauren, lulu lemon and michael kors. stay tuned after the break and i'll tell you who else belongs here. these are not recommendations to buy but an index to gauge the strength of the rich and exactly how different they are from the rest of us. mike in new jersey, mike? >> caller: boo-yah!
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it's a three-ring boo-yah. how you doing, jim? >> that's take the cake boo-yah for 2013. how can i help? >> caller: my question is on the second long term play croc. i'm looking at it, i line the enterprise value about $1.1 billion. minimal, no debt, 300 million of cash in short term investments. look like it's trading at a discount. looks like it's established in the u.s. and internationally. >> i think you have done a lot of homework. i think your reasoning makes sense. you did say it was speculative and the company has had a kind of roller coaster earnings pattern. as long as you recognize there's a time to get on and a time to get off like ecclesiastes, you're in good shape. like fitzgerald said, the rich are different than me.
6:26 pm
the high-ends like ralph lauren and lulu lemon are in high demand. after the break i'll try to save you more money. coming up, times are achanging. cramer has more fresh-faced companies that could be setting themselves up to be big names or the years to come. next up, the greasy spoon and neighborhood grocer are becoming a thing of the past. but these rising stars are coming up and find out if they should fill your portfolio.
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on day when the market was way down big time by an errant italian election and of course worries that washington might again allow the economy to blow up by not replacing sequestration by something less draconian we have to put it in perspective. the consumers are struggling with high gas prices and the higher taxes for the wealthy. week there was a ton of fretting that the fed might take its foot off the gas pedal. and let it go higher. although i think the worries were misplaced since they're based on month old information. if congress doesn't do something, the sequester is going to hurt. no doubt, not denying it. but things are decidedly mixed out there. i'm not against anyone taking profits but please, i want you to do that in strength, but not weakness. there's a better time to sell
6:30 pm
and nobody ever made a dime panicking. how, if you believe the worst, the companies -- not stocks -- companies seem to be able to buck the trend of a weakened consumer that's why i decided to put together the gatsby index. based on the companies that attract aspirational consumers, people willing to pay up for a better experience can do better in the environment. these are places to look at the stocks -- as they go down. i'm not talking about companies which make products that only a millionaire can afford. but i mean companies that are synonymous with a wealthiest class of customer. you have to give gatsby a ton of credit to borrow fitzgerald's words, the rich are different. not just because they have more money. and earlier i laid out the nordstrom, ralph lauren, kors and if the rich are different, than we need a rich supermarket,
6:31 pm
whole foods. and a rich typing experience, that's panera's, and starbucks. these are all companies that can rise above commodity costs or competition. and probably because they know how to make you feel like you're a member of the elite. that's what it is about. the idea here is that you walk into a nordstrom's or a whole foods and it's the equivalent of being invited to a party at a huge mansion. soon to be depicted by leonardo dicaprio, if you're not forced to read it in school. let's start with panera bread. i know panera is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of high society. they have high society stock out there. but it is the gatsby of quick serve space. especially in comparison to mcdonald's or buffalo wild wings. unlike panera, chipotle is a
6:32 pm
serial disappointment. but they serve terrific soups and salads all the time. kind of like a treasure hunt. and they have the really good model down. they have created an atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more with tremendous customer loyalty. which why they have the ability to raise prices without getting push back from the customers that's a gatsby like quality. last year the earnings per shear drew at a 20% clip. for 10 of the last 12 quarters they have increased by 5% or better. they're best in class when it comes to consistency. the rich like that and plus they're increasing the stores by 8% a year. right now you're getting it for a steal. it's an aspirational story. only a tiny bit high theiren the growth rate although obviously this market, everything is going
6:33 pm
down. it has pulled back of late. but i think the stock has the and to bounce back because of the gatsby factor. i think they have an easier time to bounce back when the selling is over. how about the next component, starbucks. we have one of the most consistent growth stories under the leadership of howard shultz. they're expanding all over the world. they're profiting in places like china and india. call it the -- and china can become the second largest market. they have massive room to expand in the people's republic. even china is full of aspirational coffee drinkers. and more importantly, underlying growth trends remain strong. same store sales are up 6%. and that's global. and solid of course to every region except for europe of course. the company also reaffirmed guidance for 2013. this is a global story as you have more people with money, worldwide, they're going to behave more and more like their
6:34 pm
conspicuously consuming counterparts in america. how do you say it in mandarin? you can follow along at -- comanaged by stephanie link. and whole foods. you know this story. whole foods is the largest retailer of natural and organic foods out there. with some 340 stores across the united states, canada and the u.k. when you shop at whole foods it's -- well, sometimes you pay through the nose, but the prices aren't that bad. you do so gladly because everything has gotten the good housekeeping seal of approval. the stock has been crushed lately after they reported a -- it seems a very disappointing quarter back on february 13th. whole foods beat the street's earnings estimates by a penny but it was considered to be a low quality beat.
6:35 pm
driven by lower than expected costs and same store sales growth came in and it plummeted down to 87 and change. $84.50 today. whole foods did maintain the guidant for 2013, but with this kind of growth stock, investors were looking for them to raise the guidance. and disappointing same sale seams indicate a slow down. don't write off whole foods just yesterday. they're a fast grower. they didn't cut the guidance. plus they're a pipeline of 85 new stores in development. this is the highest -- level since march of 2008. whole foods can rebound with a vengeance here. it's still the jay gatsby of the supermarket business. you might end up kicking yourself if you don't take advantage of the pull back. this was the worst chart i saw in book other than the gold miners. it is hideous. so it might not be done going down.
6:36 pm
it needs to explain itself better. it's got to explain itself why things weren't better this last quarter. as for now, it is the achilles heel of the gatsby index. here's the bottom line. companies that appeal to aspirational spenders, that's why we've created this to monitor it. with lulu lemon and now panera bread, starbucks and whole foods representing the high end place that should be able to thrive when things get better. we're not endorsing the stocks. we are creating this index to keep track of them. we'll monitor it as the best way of seeing how different the rich really are from the rest of us. tom in wisconsin, tom? >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking my call. >> my pleasure, tom. >> caller: ronde's, i made some money on it and now it tanked. is it a buy again? >> no. this is one we went out with.
6:37 pm
we said it mine good and then we said it wasn't. we made a mistake. and you know what? we can continue to pay for the mistake, but the point is that unlike almost everybody out there, we owned it and said we got it wrong. it's still wrong. it was a mistake to recommend. i thought that things were better there than they turned out to be. the rich are still spending. they're spending it at nordstrom's and michael kors and eating at panera and starbucks and whole foods. that's not the point of gatsby. go read the book. i'm not telling you to buy the stocks. i'm helping you see how different the rich are from the rest of us and why high taxes, gasoline prices, china, italy, sequestration don't seem to be hurting their sales enough that i think you have to avoid their stocks altogether. don't move. "lightning round" is up next. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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"lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time, it is time for "lightning round." buy buy buy, so play this out and then "lightning round" is over. are you ready? time for the "lightning round."
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start with erica in georgia. erica? >> caller: hey, jim. i love your show. >> oh, thank you, erica. >> caller: quick question, what are your thoughts about cxw stock? is there you know, we discovered the -- this is going contract to contract. let's go to mark in new york. new york? >> caller: mark michelle from new york. >> excellent. >> caller: emc. >> i do not like emc. i did not like it last quarter. sell the stock. let's go to jeff in florida. jeff? >> caller: yes. >> jeff? >> caller: my question is aflac stock? >> no, i like travelers more. i like aig if it gets to 35. let's do that. let's go to dub by in new york. >> caller: jimbo, big boo-yah to you in rockland, new york.
6:42 pm
>> nearby. i love it. >> caller: i've got aires -- >> i like u.s. air a lot. anybody in the leasing business for airplane is good. southwest is good. i've gotten behind it because of the consolidation. albert in iowa. >> caller: hi, jim. a boo-yah to you from des moines, iowa. >> my man, we were out at the university of iowa. we had a great time. how can i help? >> caller: my ticker symbol is tsb -- >> somebody downgraded that to a sell. this is an okay company. i detailed that i like metlife more for instance. i don't want to necessarily recommend that stock. but should not be a sell. let's go to yonis in illinois. >> caller: yeah, jim, hees. >> i tend to like -- look the group is coming in. i have been recommending mtw as
6:43 pm
a breakup play because i believe that it can split into well, let's say refrigeration and cranes. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ it's a challenge to balance work and family. ♪ that's why i love adt. i can see what's happening at my business from anywhere. [ male announcer ] now manage and help protect your small business remotely with adt. arm and disarm your alarm,
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why is gasoline so expensive? why are we paying much more at the pump versus the actual price of oil, given the glut of crude in the very country. do we need senate investigations? is it like enron organized to deep energy from california? like the run that took the futures to $14? even if it was a glut of natural gas, that's beginning to form. look, it sure is tempting. tempting to believe that. we know from data that there has been an increase in the counts of who hold gasoline speculation, and at the end of the day, an oil trader and my colleague at articulated it on cnbc last
6:47 pm
week. speculation is exacerbated the whole equation. the real issue here -- the conundrum is that we have oil in the wrong places in this country. a tremendous mismatch of refinery capacity and that not speculation, but plus a saudi arabian recent cutback on production are keeping prices higher than seems logical to us. currently oil production has gone up courtesy led by core labs for mapping, arco for equipment and halliburton for services. eog is leading to get more krcre out of the ground, but the problem is we don't have the major pipe line to get it to the refinery. there are bottlenecks all over the place, including cushing, oklahoma, which has kept so much crude from getting to the gulf refineri refineries, and they're being set off the marginal very high
6:48 pm
brent crude price, not our lower feed stock price. hence, the lack of advantage from our own low priced oil. we're not using it to refine. well, in some cases we are. some cheaper domestic oil is getting to some refineries. while other refineries have spent billions upgrading the equipment to handle high sur fur crude. hence, why some are making fortunes here so they can get their hands on precious oil. these companies have the right to sell the refined product anywhere. it is alas a global market and these refineries sell to the highest bidderment they put it on ships to markets that are priced off the more expensive brent crude and they can make more than selling it here. all this domestic oil ends up doing next to nothing to bring down the price of gasoline. seven years ago we were a net importer of and now a net exporter. if that gasoline could be kept here, we can lower the price at the pump. how can you demand that?
6:49 pm
listen, guys, you can't send it overseas? how can it be moved from the gulf to the east or the west when we don't have the pipeline to transport it. most of the shale oil is super light, but most of the gulf refinery capacity was handling heavy crude, because they didn't believe that the keystone pipeline would be a political issue. they didn't believe that i in president would want to stop it and make us more energy independent. those were two important policy goals of washington. so the refineries are set up for heavy canadian oil when we wish they were set up for the light american oil. what a mismatch. we know you can translate that by ship from the gulf to the refineries that can use it on the east coast because they handle that kind of crude. because of the jones act, it costs too much to ship. carrying from one domestic port to another, must be shipped in american built tankers with american crews. these days though most ships are
6:50 pm
built in south korea and during superstorm sandy, the president suspended that act. that's why the prices were lower in the east, but the law is still on the books and when it ended, the jones act came back in force. that's no economic reason for this these days other than to protect a few domestic jobs, but the union would fight the appeal tooth and nail. no one will take this issue on though. you might see a real rise in tankership companies like nordic american if it happened but don't hold your breath. unions are too strong. now, we know that many of the major oil companies and transporters of crude are working to solve the bottlenecks. some of the big railroads companies have developed huge shipping businesses, although a shortage of tanker cars trying to be made by trinity is weighing on that infrastructure work. another problem with why gasoline is so high. once the rail lines are completed there is a possibility that the price at the pump can
6:51 pm
come down as the rival oil balken crude could go to the east coast refineries which is currently being imported here at higher prices. and we know the refineries can vent the prices higher. they have had outages. we won't have a shot at getting oil prices down until the keystone pipeline is approved and we complete the cheaper oil to the refiners in the east. it needs to get to the west too but the permitting is so awful in the west. that's probably an impossibility. there's one place where the correct type of oil could be linked with correct refineries and that's california. mount ray and kern counties have the largest untapped shale oil in the country, but good luck getting permits for those fields. the new 12 liter gas truck engines being produced by cummings could be the big game changer as 25% of the imported oil is turned into diesel truck
6:52 pm
fuel. this engine will only make the case better as the year unfolds. i like the stock very much. important might be the converter kits that allow diesel and natural gas to be used together for trucks. those are made by an outfit called peak fuel systems. no, you can't own that, but it is owned by chesapeake and the brain child of the now deposed ceo. both need the infrastructure network to become feasible. hey, we need more gas stations. a real and competitive fuel to oil-based diesel. lowering it for you and me at the pump. the good news here is that only job creating pipelines and job creating natural gas station construction and job creating engine making factories stand in the way of the bottleneck and lower gasoline prices for you and me. the bad news -- the current president does not seem to favor bringing it down at the pump. he's not pushing it very hard. these are fossil fuels in the
6:53 pm
end. here's the bottom line. until president obama makes a push for natural gas vehicles, says yes to the keystone, and unless the saudis by again to pump more oil to lower the price of brent crude something they won't do since they curtailed production it is getting used to the higher gasoline prices as the world uses more oil. even as we alas are using less. the oil is in the wrong places, the refinery is in the wrong places. we don't have enough infrastructure and it looks like never the twain shall meet. "mad money" is back after this. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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betting line is there will be no sequester or there will be a solution for the end of march. when it's really expected to kick in. that's right. despite the four-days to armageddon wrap, the stocks that have been going higher ohanging in there, notably the defense stocks would indicate a deal could happen soon. even as we know that one isn't currently in the work. how can i give you relatively optimistic picture? because the stocks are telling me to. everyone knows that defense companies are hit the worst by the sequester, but last wednesday the philly defense hit a new high. and last year, the raytheon northrop grumman, they all rallied. and it will be the shipyards that build the ships like huntington engels that have to
6:57 pm
be hurt by the whole sequestration. how will it affect the whole economy? larry kudlow is the man in the know and the impact is incredibly small according to kudlow. you can see it on first, $44 billion is taken out not the 80-plus billion. it's one quarter of 1% of the gdp. let's not forget that sequestration doesn't kill anything. even if larry wishes some things could be shut down and sometimes so do i. isn't there a program we can do without? how about the endless defense of germany and japan and how we're defending the russians, how about the fact that our soldiers in korea are held hostage? no. i'm adamant there should be no increases in taxes. been there, did that. except for the need to turn the high rate into capital gains that's just ridiculous. they have more influence in
6:58 pm
washington. and despite the scare mongering by the white house, many of the cuts seem like they create inconvenience with furlough. national park closures and food inspections i wish they would post the furloughs all at once, so i can be sure i don't schedule vacations that week and i can stay home and eat packaged foods while w567ing netflix. the democrats should demand that they pay ordinary money on hedge funds. in the interim though the stocks are saying we should be more worried about ben bernanke's testimony on the hill tomorrow at 10:00 than anything else coming from washington. i'm going with what the defense stocks are saying. they can at least over the intermediate term tend to be dead right. stick with cramer.
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